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OK this is a proper game that we developed. It was released in 2010 and has been sitting in limbo since then thanks to a publisher that wasn't interested in it. Said publisher went bankrupt and we got our rights back. YAY! Now were working on getting the almost complete Episode 2 complete.


We've been making updates to the first episode as well and I can safely say the little tweaks we've added make it feel like a new game. The jump from 30-60 FPS is almost magical.

Dirty Angels demo

This is what happens when you want to make a game on your own in HTML5 using Construct 2.


This first test was put together in a few days to work out how to do things like movement, shooting, tilemaps etc. It's not even close to what I'm planning for the actual game but it really shows how quickly you can get things up and running. There's also a thriving community that's probably already hit the problems you're hitting and has a solution. At least that's what I found.

Freedom Demo

This started out as a test for an idea I've had in my head for an overworld map screen. Turn out it was fun enough that I'm thinking of making it a game of it's own.